Jamie is playing around in the bathroom again. He’s trying to remember…how much time does it actually take to brush teeth?

Hmmm…don’t remember because haven’t actually brushed in weeks. Maybe months. Put in lots of time at the bathroom sink though. Mostly stare at self and judge decay. Can’t really see it, only the yellow stuff on top.

He takes out the toothpaste, puts some on his finger, smells, and smells again.

Smells like…cherry suckers. The kind you get at Halloween. Aren’t suckers bad for teeth?

He takes out a fluoride tablet sent home at the time of the visit with the evil, horrible dentist and wets it with his forefinger and thumb. Smashing and grinding it into a paste on the bathroom counter, he mixes it with toothpaste to make it smooth.

Open mouth to look at cavities. One, two, three, four, five. Are there any teeth left without fillings? Evil, horrible dentist will find more, always finds more. Drill, drill, drill with mouth cranked opened as far as it can go without breaking jaw.

He moves his jaw from side to side to make a clicking noise only he can hear.

Jaw already broken.

Will Mother miss him if he stays in bathroom all night? Too busy working, talking on phone, reading newspaper, petting dog with dog breath. Does he have dog breath? Jamie exhales into his palm in front of his nose. Smells like hot dog dinner. His specialty, hot dog. Can make all by himself in microwave.

Jamie takes out his toothbrush and brushes the tablet/toothpaste on the counter until the bristles are coated with the thick fuchsia cement. He starts to brush his teeth. Back and forth the brush moves, harder and harder, until it kind of hurts but he keeps going. Blood from his gums leaks out of the corner of his mouth but it looks pretty much the same as the cherry toothpaste and the pink fluoride tablet.

Will mother notice fresh breath? Didn’t notice bad breath but maybe now she’ll notice. She’ll see gleaming white/red teeth and say, “My doesn’t your breath smell nice.” Then kiss you goodnight. Maybe.

One thought on “Teeth

  1. Liked it, thought provoking and doesn’t give too much away.
    Although, I think this sentence would read better without the repeat of ‘his’: “Jamie exhales into his palm in front of his nose.”

    Would be interested to read more. Keep up the good work.

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