Let’s make the decision

right now

I’m talking to you

to be a little happier


I don’t care what tragedy

of the day

is giving you the

Best Ragging Excuse Ever


I need some positivity

today And you’re going to give it to me

That’s right you

Listen up


Citizen’s United

No jobs

A job for crappy pay



Relationship angst

Short-term memory loss

Nasty boss

Self-absorbed co-worker

Neck sag

Carpal tunnel in the right wrist

Not gonna cut it


You’re gonna suck it up

for me

and only me

because you’re all I’ve got

Almost scratch

My apologies for the extended absence. Paid work has been taking up all my time. On that subject, here’s a new poem.



The woman

reflected in a window

long ago

Polished to a high sheen she

was misplaced, miscast


Time throws dust on

our mirages

Strips them of altered life

and the tease of



Where does

that leave our

Woman in the Glass

She of the

New Image


Too tired to push

like Sisyphus

against an




Facebook poster platitudes

never let up on

an insecure number

like her

Cycling away in endless optimism


But those who make

plenty of green on

their efforts

know who the

Real Artists are


The rest of us



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keep our reflections polished.