Jerry's wing

A guest post and iPad drawing from the supremely talented Jerry Leibowitz.


i remember

when these wings

were ribs

and that late afternoon

in a february fog

as a bent man

stepped safely to the curb

in the moment

a cab driver

inadvertently swerved

to check his watch

and the ache

in my chest

my ribs

uncurling backward


and i remember

when these wings

were ribs

and the grey early morn

doused with dew

as the buck

twitched at a fly

barely evading

the hunter’s bullet


and i recall

a pocketful of hours

before a dawn

when a child awoke

to battering voices

from a faraway room

dangerously close

then somehow

transcended fear

suspended doubt

and accepted calm

that followed

as reassurance

that things


would be better

and they were


i remember

when these wings

were ribs

and the agony

the rapture

as they


and curled backward

bones emulsifying

to mist and light

as i climbed

the great olive tree

to find a nest

full of fine down

and small feathers

that once belonged

to sparrow chicks

that now beckoned me

from higher branches

to follow

their ascension.

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