The Scratch


By Raymond Carver

It’s a day for contemplating our self-destructive habits, as humans. Here’s a thought from the best.


I woke up with a spot of blood

over my eye.

A scratch

halfway across my forehead.

But I’m sleeping alone these days.

Why on earth would a man raise his hand

against himself, even in sleep?

It’s this and similar questions

I’m trying to answer this morning.

As I study my face in the window.



Let’s make the decision

right now

I’m talking to you

to be a little happier


I don’t care what tragedy

of the day

is giving you the

Best Ragging Excuse Ever


I need some positivity

today And you’re going to give it to me

That’s right you

Listen up


Citizen’s United

No jobs

A job for crappy pay



Relationship angst

Short-term memory loss

Nasty boss

Self-absorbed co-worker

Neck sag

Carpal tunnel in the right wrist

Not gonna cut it


You’re gonna suck it up

for me

and only me

because you’re all I’ve got